College Of Wilderness Knowledge



1. RESERVATIONS: Reservations are to be made with the Camp Host Coordinator. They are required for:
       • All troops (or other sanctioned organized groups).
       • Non-members (other than immediate families of members).
       • Members and their immediate families camping as a group of more than two camping units.
       Groups attending CWK courses may register and reserve space with the CWK reservations staff.

       a. West side lake sites are limited to one (1) camping unit except for site numbers 6,13and 16, - maximum of two units; and site
            numbers 0 & 1 - two or more units. NO EXCEPTIONS without the permission of the Camping Chairperson. East gate or east side
            group sites may be reserved for larger units or groups.

       b. Families accompanying troops are limited to the area west of the pump (#1 through 6). Sites # 7 - 16 are off limits at all times to
           troops and accompanying families. Families may also camp in the group areas at East Gate.

       c. Tables are not to be moved from sites.

       d. Limit cutting brush to immediate sites so as to preserve the wilderness character and maintain wind breaks. Leave lake shore uncut.

       e. Restore woodpiles and cover with tarps. Fires are to be built only in established fireplaces. Fireplaces are not to be moved or modified
           unless authorized by the Camping Chairperson. Fires must be attended at all times and are to be completely extinguished before leaving.
           If you can’t touch it with your hand it is not extinguished.

       f. Nothing should be burned in fires except wood and paper. (It is illegal to burn any type of plastic in Minnesota). Cans, bottles and
           aluminum foil packages do not burn.

       g. Leave only your footprints. Take your garbage with you when you leave.

       h. Keep radios and other audio devices at a minimum so as not to disturb other campers.

       i. Do not leave cigarette/cigar butts on the ground. They should be snuffed out and placed in the trash.

       j. Inspect your campsites and remove all litter before leaving.

3. TREES: Do not cut live trees at any time, unless authorized by the Camping Chairperson.

4. TRAIL VEHICLES: Use of motorized vehicles such as motorbikes, trail bikes, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), etc. is prohibited on the grounds unless
     being used for maintenance work. Motorcycles may be driven to reach campsites but are not to be used to tour campgrounds. Motor vehicles
     of any kind are not allowed on the trails.

5. PETS: Do not let your dog or other pet disturb other campers. Keep them under control or leashed. Dogs do drive away wildlife and leave
    unwelcome offerings at other sites. Do not allow your pets to dig on the beach or in campsites.

6. SWIMMING: An adult must accompany children while at the beach. Non-swimmers should not use flotation devices
    (air mattresses, inner tubes, etc.). It is advisable to have a boat with oars and life preservers on the beach during swimming sessions.
    Boy Scout Troops must follow BSA "Safe Swim Defense" Requirements.

7. LATRINES: Restrooms are to be maintained by the people who use them. A few buckets of water and a sweeping will do wonders for them.
    Leave them as you would like to find them.

8. FIREARMS: NO firearms are allowed on the property.

9. REFRIGERATION: Propane refrigerators may be available for use by groups. Get proper instruction before lighting refrigerators. When
    leaving, shut off refrigerators and propane valve on tank. Thoroughly clean and dry refrigerators and leave doors slightly ajar.

10. WHEN YOU LEAVE: Lock all boats, sheds and gates if you are the last to leave camp. Report any problems or unusual conditions in the log
     (kept in the latrine across from the tool shed) and call the Camping Chairperson upon your return home. Contact names and numbers are posted
     at the tool shed at West Gate.

11. TOOLS: Groups are not allowed to use equipment stored on the property, except while completing service projects.

12. MISCELLANEOUS: Traditionally our Club members are SCOUTS and have adopted the Fourth Scout Law -- "A Scout is Friendly" as our motto.
     We encourage you to socialize with other campers and make guests welcome. This is easier to do if you bring up one guest or family at a
     time rather than a group of several camping units.

                   Camp Host Coordinator                                                 Property Committee Chairs
                            Mike Casey 651-699-8937                                                        Ricki Tufte and Gary Eull 651-646-6467