Jim Nitti
Eagleís Nest mentoring

I have been involved with youth outdoor education for 15 years.I am a firearmís safety instructor, teaching the safe use of firearms in the outdoors, whether for hunting or for recreation.I have helped with cub scouts, Webelos, and boy scouts, working with my sonís packs and troops, helping him gain skills, education, and experiences leading him to the rank of Eagle.

I am very involved with the College of Wilderness Knowledge and The Eagleís Nest program.I work with my sonís troop, Troop 71 in Woodbury, and help mentor and provide additional leadership to troops 15 and 32 through the Eagleís Nest program.The Eagleís Nest is a very innovative program of troop to troop mentoring and assistance.

I teach the camping course for the College of Wilderness Knowledge and assist the instructors on other courses, including knots, knives and archery with the girl scouts.I am also one of the primary members working on maintenance of the group camping areas at Birch Bend and maintaining the equipment.