College of Wilderness Knowledge


Eagle Project Ideas at Birch Bend Campground

Birch Bend campground is owned by a non-profit organization that is not associated with the Boy Scouts of America. The Pine Bend Association provides educational programs and outdoor experiences for youth groups. Projects in support of the campground and its programs are potentially qualifying eagle projects. A few examples are listed below.

Waterfront safety – design and build a waterfront safety equipment shed for the beach at Birch Bend. This shed will store our buddy boards for use by groups, rescue rings, and tubes, appropriate signs, rescue poles, buoys for marking the swimming areas and life jackets. The current shed is too small and will be moved for an alternative purpose.

Equipment storage shed – design and build an appropriate storage shed with shelves and hooks to store the campground maintenance equipment at the West Gate area of the camp. Hand tools, rakes, shovels, chain saws, lawnmowers, and log splitter are some of the items stored.

Bouldering Wall – design and build a bouldering wall for use in learning basic climbing skills. Size, location, and security are considerations.

Handicap accessible Outhouse – design and build a handicapped-accessible outhouse for the group camping area at East Gate. Creative designs are appreciated. Adequate space and supports in the structure and approaches to the outhouse are key considerations.

Trail development – Develop a trail system from the group camping area at the east gate to Highway 51. The project would include clearing the trail, marking the trail, building bridges as necessary and adding gravel or wood chips as necessary. This would complete an “around the lake” hiking option for use in teaching courses and in advancement activities.