Camp Host Program

The Camp Host position was developed to help manage the groups that come to Birch Bend for CWK courses and groups that would like to use Birch Bend for general camping. Mike Casey has agreed to be the Camp Host Coordinator. Mike arranges for members to sign up for a weekend to be hosts to the groups coming up to camp and he also trains the members by discussing the duties and providing materials such as checklists, maps and contact information for the groups that are coming to camp.

  1. The CAMP HOST oversees contacting the groups to confirm arrival times and the number of members of the group that are coming. The CAMP HOST will make sure that the group leaders have maps to Birch Bend. Upon arrival, the camp host will show the groups where to camp and answer questions about the camp – especially where water, wood, and latrines are located.
  2. This position has been a great help and assures that the instructors have the time to set up the course work without having to deal with group logistics and questions. CAMP HOST also shows the leaders around camp, talk about the facilities, answer questions about the Pine Bend Association and in general make the groups feel welcome.
  3. On the last day of camp, the CAMP HOST will check-out the campsites when groups are leaving. Checking to make sure all tools are returned, latrines are closed, signs are picked up and are returned to the refrigerator shed and locking up the camp are the final duties of the camp host. The camp host makes “A Scout is Friendly” an integral part of the CWK experience.

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Mike Casey