CWK uses the resources of the nearby Kathio State Park in teaching archeology.  Either daily or annual state park stickers will be required for all vehicles entering Kathio.  Kathio has staff available to supplement the Professor with CWK.  The course will consist of discussions with and examples shared by Dr. Huver supplemented by the interpretative staff at Kathio and sites that are located within the park and displays available in the interpretative center. 

Participants are given worksheets on which to record answers and write reports on activities in which they participate.

The following lessons are included in the course:

1.       The instructor describes what archaeology is and how it differs from other related scientific and academic studies such as anthropology, geology, paleontology, and history.  Students record what they have learned on the worksheets provided. 

2.       The instructor asks participants to identify and describe steps they think an archaeologist would take in an archeological dig.  The instructor then describes additional or missing steps in the archaeological process, including the site location, site excavation, artifact identification and examination, interpretation, preservation, and information sharing.  Use Kathio interpretative center to illustrate some examples.  Have participants record what they have learned.

3.       The instructor asks students how they think archaeologists determine the age of sites and artifacts.  The instructor adds information on methods to determine the age of sites, structures and artifacts and relative dating.  Participants record what they have learned on their worksheets.

4.       Use the information in the interpretative center and information provided by the instructors to research three archaeological sites within the United States.  Show where these sites are located on a map – draw a map in your worksheet.  Have the participants record what was found at the site, its importance, and relevance to our understanding of our history. 

5.       Visit an archaeological site at Kathio.  Explain what was found at the site, how the site was found, and the importance of the site to our culture or history.