Instructor:  Cycling, Orienteering, Canoeing, Camping

I have been camping at Birch Bend since 1971.  Besides bringing my Troop and Explorer Post up when I was Scoutmaster and Advisor, I have raised 3 children camping, canoeing and swimming at Birch Bend.  All three kids (2 daughters and 1 son) were camping before they were 6 months old.  It has been a wonderful resource and home away from home.  Our family swims across Round Lake has now morphed into the Birch Bend Triathlon for the last three years, as my kids are now in their late teens and early twenties. 

I look forward to teaching courses at Birch Bend again this year.  Please check out the course descriptions for Cycling, Orienteering, and camping.  Feel free to contact me with questions about the course, suggestions on how to make the course better, or ideas on how to present the information more clearly. 

I also make presentations to district roundtables or other youth groups about the College of Wilderness Knowledge and work on the web site.  Please let me know if you would like us to present at your youth group or district roundtable or if you have comments or suggestions for our website.