Camp Host Coordinator

Bird Study Instructor  

I have been camping at Birch Bend since 1982, and a PBA member since 1983.  While I have backpacked and camped in many parts of the U.S.A. and Canada, my wife and I are continually drawn back to Birch Bend.  The development of the College of Wilderness Knowledge program only reinforces my belief of how unique a piece of property we have.

I serve as the Camp Host Coordinator for CWK.  It is my responsibility to see that a member of The Pine Bend Association is present to greet and assist troops and youth groups arriving at camp and assign campsites.  The camp host also answers any questions the groups may have about the campground and our organization.

I am also the counselor for the Bird Study. I have enjoyed over 30 years of viewing birds in different habitats around the world, and how they interact with nature. Our property provides a variety of habitats that make for excellent birding.  I look forward to working with anyone who wants to learn more about birds.